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Corporate Events

Holding corporate events for an organization entertains and empowers staff members. Host product launches, establish strategic partnerships all while eating a catered lunch. Grow your professional network and celebrate your earnings.

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Bring the team together and share unforgettable moments. 

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Social Events

Events that unify the group in a significant way are best, such as a conference that touches everyone in a personal way, an event that focuses on serving a higher cause or even a party that reinforces the group in a significant way.

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People love to connect to one another. Social gatherings accomplish that goal.

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Galas & Benefits

Enable the community to show their support by hosting a breathtaking gala. Fundraisers, auctions, and special focused events are fun and help express your appreciation and care of the fellowship. 

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Celebrate your cause and spread awareness. Gain support from those who care.

Performance Lighting


Music, lights, and video play a key role in live performances. Pro-grade music mixers, video controllers, and brilliant lighting can set the stage to your plays, performances, broadcasting events, celebrations, photo ops, sporting events, and more.  

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Pro music industry events rock, we've also added some gaming, advertising, media and film events.

Gala Table

Non Profits

Dinner, music, and specialized events geared towards a theme. Creative imagination is always welcome. Events to make your team feel rewarded for their endless efforts to making the world a better place. 

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People want to be a part of something great. Reward them at an event that showcases the people making it happen.

Fancy Night Event


Share the big moment with all the people who matter. Make an everlasting impression at your wedding and engagement parties. Exquisite custom selections of dinner, music, lights, sound, band, and more. The big day will truly be a cornerstone to your everlasting "Happily Ever After."

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The commitment to love is expressed with a ring. Love overflows and is shared with your family and friends at the wedding.

Music Mixing


Growing up and waiting for the big day to come. Finally counting the days down to the big moment when you turn 12/13 years old and can celebrate your leap into adulthood. Themed parties, customization and swag, DJ, and specialty lights are just some of the options to get a Bar/Bat Mitzvah the party of the century. 

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Entering into adulthood is a celebration of maturity. Now's your chance to be a star.

Concert Pink Confetti


The audience has traveled far and wide, paid for tickets, got ready for your show. Successfully present your talent and skills for all to share. Become the world stage and raise the bar with your show.  

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Event staff focused on customer satisfaction is what makes a successful concert. Power up and amaze the audience.